Steam Generators

The Clayton steam generator is the world’s most efficient, compact and safest way to produce steam.

The steam generators have been continuously developed and improved since 1930. They differ enormously from the traditional, outdated fire pipe boilers (see steam train), in which an enormous amount of water and steel is heated to generate steam. In the Clayton water pipe boilers, on the other hand, the same amount of steam is made by heating a much smaller amount of water and steel.

Available models

The available models of the Clayton steam generator are constantly being developed and expanded.

In addition to the standard models that are suitable for most applications, customer-specific units can also be developed.

    E10 TO E2004
  • POWER 
    100 kW to 20 MW
    150 to 32,000 kg / h
  • PRESS 
    to 200 barg
    Saturated & overheated

Steam systems

• Complete boiler house in container

The Clayton steam system is the most compact, reliable and efficient steam source at the moment and is available in various configurations.

• Complete boiler house on chassis

• Mobile units

• Multiple generators next to each other

• Offshore versions

• Marine specifications

• Key-to-door installations

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